Fly to Warm Destinations: 7 Places to Forget the Snowstorms

Discover the ultimate retreats from winter’s chill in our guide to warm destinations. Find your perfect sunny escape from Thailand’s beaches to New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes. Explore, relax, and rejuvenate in these sunny destinations.

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Warm Destinations Thailand Fly to Warm Destinations: 7 Places to Forget the Snowstorms


Thailand Resorts List

  • Phuket (Ko Phuket): A top choice for beach vacations in Thailand, Phuket is known for its crystal-clear blue sea and white sandy beaches. The island boasts clean surroundings and gentle sea access, and ideal for family trips. Phuket caters to romantic getaways as well, offering an active nightlife. The best visiting months are from November to April.
  • Pattaya: Phuket’s main rival, Pattaya attracts numerous tourists seeking a lively Thai holiday. Suitable for both bustling group vacations and romantic retreats, the resort is famous for its 18+ shows. Despite its somewhat murky beaches and noisy clubs, Pattaya is still family-friendly due to its extensive entertainment infrastructure, including tours, family shows, and amusement parks. Peak season: November to March, with a welcoming climate. However, it’s less ideal in May, September, and October due to heavy rainfall and overcast days.
  • Samui Island: Situated in the Gulf of Siam, Samui is among Thailand’s most popular resorts, renowned for its 34 stunning beaches. It’s a tranquil destination perfect for families and couples. Optimal time for a peaceful getaway: July, August, September. However, October to December is less favorable due to rainy weather and rough seas, impacting the tranquility of the resort.

Warm Destinations - the Philippines


The Philippines Resorts List

Warm Destinations South Africa Fly to Warm Destinations: 7 Places to Forget the Snowstorms

South Africa

South Africa Resorts List

Warm Destinations New Zealand Fly to Warm Destinations: 7 Places to Forget the Snowstorms

New Zealand

New Zealand Resorts List

Warm Destinations Argentina Fly to Warm Destinations: 7 Places to Forget the Snowstorms


Argentina Resorts List

  • Mar del Plata: Just 415 km from Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata is a highly popular oceanfront destination. When temperatures rise, both Argentinians and international tourists flock here to bask on sandy beaches, swim in the clear ocean waters, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.
  • Miramar: South of Mar del Plata lies Miramar, another excellent Argentinian resort for a tranquil beach vacation. Its quiet atmosphere, reasonable prices, and warm, calm coastal waters make it ideal for families with young children. Cyclists will also enjoy the scenic ocean-view bike trails along the coast.
  • Las Grutas: Worth visiting despite its further south location from Buenos Aires, Las Grutas is a small town in the Rio Negro province on the Atlantic coast. Home to only 8,000 residents, it attracts over 400,000 tourists annually. Known for its white sands, warm San Matias Bay waters, and diverse beach options, Las Grutas, meaning ‘the caves’, offers a unique beach experience.

Warm Destinations Australia Fly to Warm Destinations: 7 Places to Forget the Snowstorms


Australia Resorts List

  • Gold Coast: Australia’s premier beach resort, the Gold Coast stretches 42 kilometers from Sydney to Brisbane, featuring a series of sandy beaches known as the Golden Coast. With small towns along the coast offering diverse vacation experiences, the city of Gold Coast, encompassing nearby Beenleigh, Logan City, and Brisbane, serves as the hub of water tourism. Almost everyone in these coastal towns is involved in the tourism industry, ready to fulfill any dream.
  • Cairns, Port Douglas: These charming small cities on the eastern coast boast delightful sandy beaches, a cozy provincial atmosphere, stunning nature, and top-notch service. They offer a range of activities, including trips to the Great Barrier Reef, boat and yacht outings, rafting, and drives into the continent’s interior. Visitors can enjoy attractions, exhibitions, reserves, and more, ensuring an enriching vacation experience.
  • Perth: Located on the Indian Ocean’s shores on Australia’s West Coast, Perth is known for its splendid white sand beaches and the mysterious Rottnest Island with its wild beaches and unique natural landscape, distinct from other Australian regions. Visit Perth to see unusual rock formations, petrified forests, and vast fields of colorful plants. The giant eucalyptus and ancient trees will leave a lasting impression.

Warm Destinations Chile Fly to Warm Destinations: 7 Places to Forget the Snowstorms


Chile Resorts List

  • Valparaíso: 110 km from Santiago, Valparaíso, Chile’s main port city, is distinguished by unique architecture, including magnificent colonial mansions. Nestled between the coastline and picturesque hills, the city has colorful houses and cottages. Attractions include the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Natural and Artistic Sciences.
  • Viña del Mar: 8 km from Valparaíso, Viña del Mar is Chile’s premier beach resort, known as the ‘garden city’ for its subtropical climate and palm-lined avenues. It features pristine beaches and a vast 61-hectare botanical garden with various exotic flora. The city also prides itself on its well-preserved historical architecture.
  • Antofagasta: The bustling city of Antofagasta, prominently situated on Chile’s Pacific coast, has become a major tourist attraction. Its proximity to the Atacama Desert draws tourists eager to experience its stunning landscapes.

tips for business class flyers Fly to Warm Destinations: 7 Places to Forget the Snowstorms

Top Tips for Winter Travellers

  • Sign up for fare alerts and check for seasonal sales to find the best airfare deals. 
  • Opt for flexible booking options if plans change and know baggage size/weight restrictions to avoid fees.
  • Bring sun protection, breathable clothing, international travel adapters, and medications. 
  • Research if specialized gear like wetsuits or trekking poles are recommended.
  • Purchase comprehensive travel insurance, learn common scams to avoid, respect cultural/religious etiquette and protocols, and know where the nearest embassy or hospital is in case of emergencies.
  • Charge electronics fully before departure. Bring backup chargers/batteries, as finding a charging port may be difficult during weather delays. External battery packs add extra charging capability.
  • Utilize airport lounge access. Premium credit cards and airline status programs typically include lounge passes, providing comfortable wait areas during flight delays.


This winter, reward yourself with a rejuvenating escape to lands blessed by sunshine and warmth. As this guide illuminated, warm destinations from Southeast Asia’s white sand beaches to South America’s cosmopolitan cities and wildlife-rich landscapes offer limitless options for trading winter grays for vivid technicolor.

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