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Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation within 24 hours of booking

If you experience a sudden change of plans and you need to cancel your reservation or make any changes within 24 hours, we are here to help you.

For cancellations requested within 24 hours of booking, exclusively for the US market, we will process your request free of charge.

For low-cost carriers, non-US markets*, or reservations created less than a week before the scheduled departure, 24 hours cancellation conditions might be restricted by the carrier, and the ticket refund is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

*Reservations issued in the Canadian or European market might not allow the full refund for the ticket that was canceled within 24 hours.

Voluntary cancellations beyond 24 hours

Voluntary cancellation is when the traveler decides to cancel a valid trip that was not affected by a major schedule change or airline cancellation. All cancellation requests initiated by the passenger, regardless of the reason, are considered voluntary cancellations.

Refund options

In case of booking cancellation, you may be eligible for a partial refund; however, it depends on your ticket policy and activated bundles. We’ll provide the requested refund based on the cancellation circumstances and only if you meet and agree with the following conditions:

– All applicable penalties are calculated per ticket and must be covered by the passenger.
– The cancellation should be requested at least 24 hours before the departure.
– There is no chargeback process initiated with the credit card company or any other ongoing disputes.
– None of the points mentioned in “Restricted Refunds” (see below) applies to your booking.

Refunds are Restricted by the following conditions:

– You purchased a non-refundable ticket
– You didn’t show up for the flight, didn’t board the plane after the check-in process, you were denied boarding, or your tickets were suspended
– You initiated the request after your ticket validity expiration. Note: To request a refund on any unused ticket, a passenger should apply for the refund within 12 months since the purchase was made.
– Your ticket was fully used.
– You made changes to the flight directly with the airline company.
– There’s no refund balance left, according to the calculation.

Costs and applicable fees in case of voluntary cancellation

– Airline penalty (cancellation fee charged by the airline company) for refunding your tickets.
– Refund processing fee, which is our agency fee for handling the procedure in case you cancel your flight after the 24-hour period of booking is passed. The refund processing fee will be waived only for customers who have purchased the CFAR product, Travel Protection Plan, and meet all the conditions.

Requesting a refund

Canceling a trip is not every time an easy decision to take, but we can help make this process much easier.

To refund your booking online, go to “My Trips” and log in using your booking details. Then, click on “Manage Booking” and choose the option “Cancel & Refund”.

If your airfare qualifies for an online cancellation, you’ll be redirected to the Refund Overview Page. Carefully verify the breakdown of applicable penalties and the refundable amount

In case you are redirected to submit an inquiry, please fill out the form. Your refund request will be reviewed by our specialists to determine refund eligibility and the amount. We will get back to you with the most accurate information via email. Also, Refund Overview will become available for you in the “My Trips” section.

There, you will have the possibility to check all the details, give your consent to cancel your travel itinerary, and initiate the refund procedure.
Once we receive the authorization, we will start working on your request. You can check, anytime, the status of your refund on your booking page. A confirmation email will be sent when the refund is processed.

For more information about Terms & Conditions, please read our dedicated article for Refunds.

May you encounter any issues upon requesting a change or a refund, please use our online chat for help.

Requesting a change

It is easy to change your flight prior to departure on in just a few easy steps. Enjoy the process and manage your booking according to your travel needs online.

To make changes, go to “My Trips” and log in using your booking details. Click on “Manage Booking” and choose the option “Change Flight”.

If your airfare qualifies for an online change, you’ll be brought to the ‘Search new flight’ section where you can amend the flight date.

From there, you will be shown the available options for changing your flight. You can view the new flight details and select the option that fits your preferences. Rest assured, no changes or cancellations will be final until confirmation.

Please note, in case there are no available options, you can change the dates or click on “Submit Inquiry” and our Support team will follow up on your request.

In case you are redirected to submit an inquiry, please fill out the form. One of our Support representatives will reach out to you via email with all the available options.

Once you decide which flight to take, click “Select” and check carefully the details. The price breakdown will be shown along with the payment details. To validate your choice, you will have to click on “ Confirm changes”.

Next comes our part. Our team will perform the changes and email you the new flight itinerary once ready. Additionally, you will be able to see the updated itinerary in the “My Trips” section and manage your new booking whenever you need it.

For more information about Terms & Conditions, please read our dedicated article for Voluntary changes beyond 24 hours.

May you encounter any issues upon requesting a change or a refund, please use our online chat for help.

Booking a flight in a few steps

At Arangrant, we are committed to making the travel experience more affordable and comfortable. Follow the steps below to get the most competitive pricing on airline tickets.

1. Visit and choose your travel details.  You can customize your search by choosing your origin and destination airports, departure date, trip type, the cabin of service, number, and type of travelers.
2. Review the search results and leave your contact details.  Our Sales Expert will reach out to you and will offer multiple options to choose from: the cheapest, the fastest, and our favorite – a combination of the best price, duration, and carrier type.
3. Proceed to book the trip. Insert the passengers’ information and accurate contact & billing details. The names of the travelers must fully match the government-issued ID intended to use during travel. Additionally, you can add the Rewards Program, Known Traveler Number, and Redress Number.
4. Pick one of the complementary bundles. Additional packages such as Support bundle, Price drop protection, Flexible tickets, Travel Protection, and Auto check-in grant additional advantages to our customers to save extra money and time.
5. Choose the form of payment. For your comfort, we accept credit or debit cards.
6. Get a confirmation that your order has been received. Once you have completed your booking, you will receive an order confirmation with Arangrant at the email address provided by you. This email serves as proof that you have successfully made a reservation with Arangrant and it reflects your Passenger(s) Details, Itinerary Details, and Summary of Charges.
7. Receive a final confirmation with e-tickets. Once your electronic tickets are issued, you will receive an email confirmation which will include the ticket and reservation numbers for each airline you’ll be traveling on. After this happens, you will be able to print the ticket and check the itinerary.

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Nayeli was so patient and a truly god…

Nayeli was so patient and truly a godsend. She was super attentive and took the time to listen to all my concerns while booking a rushed flight for my father. She was polite and admirable in every aspect of customer service. She deserves a raise and a promotion for how well she settled all my issues and concerns. She is simply amazing.

Hank, US

Kevin is phenomenal

Kevin is wonderful! Although I am quite picky, he answered all my questions patiently and made this whole transaction smooth. My booking is still pending, however, I hope the rest of the process with AranGrant works the same way as dealing with Kevin.

Gayatri, US

Arangrant was excellent! I booked a round trip to…

Arangrant was excellent! I booked a round trip to Florence, the guy I spoke with made everything go easy and was very patient, stayed on the phone when I didn’t know what information to fill out. He deserves to be promoted, by the way, his name is Bradley. Will definitely be booking again next time I take a trip.

Edward Gordin, US

After hours of searching through travel sites, I stopped at…

After hours of searching through travel sites, I stopped at Arangrant, and I’m glad I did so. Amy asked relevant questions on my trip to the UK and came up with a great flight itinerary plus an inexpensive price. From now on, I will be dealing with Arangrant, and won’t be wasting my time on other booking agencies. All in all, great experience!!!

Maryn Pate, US

I’ve already planned my trip to Europe this winter…

I’ve already planned my trip to Europe this winter. I know everything will be alright, as I’ve used Arangrant for my travel plans in the past. They always offer the best prices to Europe, and that’s what I like about them.

Kate Rossalin, US

I found this website so simple and clear to understand…

I found this website so simple and clear to understand! It’s nice to see a clean layout, without too much information that may get you confused. Other websites are too intricate for me to comprehend. Like it!

Johnna Dillinger, US