About us

What is AranGrant?

AranGrant is an Olympic-grade team of travel planners. We have put together a unique mix of seasoned experts whose combined expertise encompasses the complexity of the air travel industry. Diverse backgrounds make us exceptionally versatile: Whether it is flying families for wedding celebrations overseas; arranging travel for pro sports teams; booking flights for dozens of choirs on international tours; or securing reservations for professionals converging at conferences, we know how to do it right—in one take, without a hitch.

How is AranGrant different?

If we had to distill it to one sentence: We know where and how to get exactly what our clients want. What’s more, AranGrant’s ultimate specialty is deeply discounted Business and First-Class fares. We excel in this niche thanks to a combination of strengths:

Extensive knowledge of the market

The international business and first-class air travel market have become fiercely competitive. Airlines devise new tactics, try new approaches, roll out new pricing strategies. AranGrant has developed tools to keep track of it all. That’s how we always know just where to find the best options for any given trip plan.

Long-standing industry partnerships

AranGrant works closely with scores of top-tier carriers and consolidators (i.e. air ticket wholesalers). These direct partnerships allow us to offer some of the deepest discounts on business and first-class airfares on the market.

Laser focus on substance and value

AranGrant’s main goal is to offer customized premium travel solutions at the lowest price point possible. Our highly trained staff takes careful note of your trip plan, preferences, constraints, and any other aspects of your intended travel. Every single detail can and will be refined until you get exactly what you want—at a fraction of the full published fares.