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Best Business Class Ticket Prices to Mauritius

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Best business class airlines Mauritius Flights

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Main Services

Fare Range

  • Qatar Airways


    Main Features

    Lie-flat seats, Qsuite, Privilege Club program, Diptyque-featured amenity kit, First Class dining, à la carte menu, complimentary premium alcohol
    More Info: Qatar Airways




  • Lufthansa


    Main Features

    Restaurant-style service, holiday-themed meals, WiFi, large-screen entertainment systems, Business Class lounges
    More Info: Lufthansa




  • Air Canada


    Main Features

    The Executive Pod, Signature Suite lounge, à la carte by chef, “WANT Les Essentials” amenity kits, Chauffeur service, Aeroplan program
    More Info: Air Canada




  • Air France


    Main Features

    Fully-flat bed seats, decadent French cuisine with fine wines, WiFi, Clarins amenity kits, SkyTeam partner program
    More Info: Air France




  • KLM


    Main Features

    Flat-bed seats, top Dutch chef menus, Marcel Wanders flatware, WiFi, Jan Taminiau amenity kits, collectible Delft Blue House
    More Info: KLM




FAQs for booking flights to Mauritius

What Time of Year is Cheapest to Fly to Mauritius?

The most budget-friendly time to book flights to Mauritius is typically during the island’s shoulder seasons, from May to September and November to early December. During these months, you can often find better deals on airfare and accommodations while still enjoying pleasant weather.

Which Day Flight Rate to Mauritius is Cheapest? 

Generally, flights to Mauritius are more affordable when you book mid-week departures, particularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Avoid weekends if you want to snag the lowest fares for your journey.

How to Get the Lowest Business Class Fare to Mauritius?

To secure the best Business Class fares to Mauritius, consider booking well in advance, staying flexible with your travel dates, and subscribing to fare alerts from airlines and travel websites. Additionally, loyalty programs and frequent flyer miles can help you score significant discounts on premium cabin seats.

How does Arangrant Find Good Deals on Business Class Tickets to Mauritius? 

At Arangrant, we pride ourselves on our industry connections and expertise. We consistently monitor fare fluctuations, leverage our partnerships with airlines, and employ advanced search tools to find the best deals for our customers. Our dedicated team is committed to securing the most competitive business-class fares to Mauritius and beyond.

What is the Most Popular Airline Offering Business Class Flights to Mauritius?

While several reputable airlines operate business-class flights to Mauritius, Air Mauritius is often a top choice for travelers due to its local expertise, exceptional service, and direct connections to the island.

Which Airlines Offer Top Amenities to Business Class Passengers Flying to Mauritius?

Airlines such as Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, and Singapore Airlines are renowned for their outstanding Business Class amenities. Expect spacious seating, gourmet cuisine, entertainment options, and attentive service on your journey to Mauritius.

Which Airlines Offer the Best Lounge Amenities and Experience for Business Class Travelers to Mauritius?

Emirates and United Airlines consistently receive high praise for their luxurious airport lounges, offering Business Class travelers exclusive access to relaxation areas, gourmet dining, and spa services. These airlines prioritize your comfort from the moment you step into the airport.

Which Airlines Offer Quality Luxury Flatbed Seats for their Business Class Travelers Flying to Mauritius?

Airlines like Turkish Airlines, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific feature top-notch luxury flatbed seats in their business-class cabins. These seats allow you to rest comfortably during your long-haul flight to Mauritius, ensuring a rejuvenating experience upon arrival.

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Nayeli was so patient and a truly god…

Nayeli was so patient and truly a godsend. She was super attentive and took the time to listen to all my concerns while booking a rushed flight for my father. She was polite and admirable in every aspect of customer service. She deserves a raise and a promotion for how well she settled all my issues and concerns. She is simply amazing.

Hank, US

Kevin is phenomenal

Kevin is wonderful! Although I am quite picky, he answered all my questions patiently and made this whole transaction smooth. My booking is still pending, however, I hope the rest of the process with AranGrant works the same way as dealing with Kevin.

Gayatri, US

Arangrant was excellent! I booked a round trip to…

Arangrant was excellent! I booked a round trip to Florence, the guy I spoke with made everything go easy and was very patient, stayed on the phone when I didn’t know what information to fill out. He deserves to be promoted, by the way, his name is Bradley. Will definitely be booking again next time I take a trip.

Edward Gordin, US

After hours of searching through travel sites, I stopped at…

After hours of searching through travel sites, I stopped at Arangrant, and I’m glad I did so. Amy asked relevant questions on my trip to the UK and came up with a great flight itinerary plus an inexpensive price. From now on, I will be dealing with Arangrant, and won’t be wasting my time on other booking agencies. All in all, great experience!!!

Maryn Pate, US

I’ve already planned my trip to Europe this winter…

I’ve already planned my trip to Europe this winter. I know everything will be alright, as I’ve used Arangrant for my travel plans in the past. They always offer the best prices to Europe, and that’s what I like about them.

Kate Rossalin, US

I found this website so simple and clear to understand…

I found this website so simple and clear to understand! It’s nice to see a clean layout, without too much information that may get you confused. Other websites are too intricate for me to comprehend. Like it!

Johnna Dillinger, US

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