My flight is affected by storms / hurricanes

Our Customer Service team will advise you by email on schedule and / or route changes in the event of adverse weather conditions or other force majeure circumstances.

Right after being notified of these changes, it is best to contact your airline and / or airport of departure directly to inquire about the latest developments and updates regarding your flight (s).

In certain instances, injured passengers may also be offered accommodation or alternative means of transport, which are entirely within the purview of the airline or the responsible local / airport authority.

Below is a list of airline phone lines that you can call if your travel is impacted by storms or hurricanes:

Delta: +1-404-714-7981

Southwest: +1-800-435-9792

JetBlue: +1-800-538-2583

American Airlines: +1-800-433-7300

Spirit: +1-801-401-2222

United Airlines: +1-800-864-8331

British Airways: +1-800-243-6822

Norwegian: +4721492250

Air Transat: +1-877-872-6728

WestJet Airlines: +1-888-937-8538

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