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Card payment issues

If your online payment cannot be completed because of security reasons, please let us know about it. Email or call one of our specialists for help before using another card. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

If your online payment was declined as due to not complying with the security standards, try these troubleshooting measures:

- Make sure that all the entered billing information (card number, expiration date, name on the card, billing address, etc.) is accurate and conforms with the data listed in your card issuer file.

- Check if the available balance on the used payment card is sufficient to make a purchase.

- Check with your card issuer if your payment card has a daily limit for online transactions. (You may need to disable it or cancel to complete your purchase.)

- Check with your card issuer if your purchase needs additional approval.

- Update your browser to the latest version, or try to authorize the payment through the latest version of one of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

- Try the private mode in your browser.

- Turn off add-ons, plugins, and extensions in your browser.

If none of the above actions helped, try using a different payment card.

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