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Sharp objects

Passengers are not allowed to bring sharp objects into the cabin of the plane. There are only a few exceptions.

To avoid any complications and unwanted surprises at the airport we strongly recommend all travelers to review the baggage policies of the air carriers and airports listed in their itinerary.

Items such as box cutters, corkscrews, darts, ice picks, knives of any kind, saws, scissors, swords, etc. may not be transported in the cabin of the aircraft. This list is NOT exhaustive!

If you are not sure about any of the items you plan to pack and bring with you, please reach out to your airlines and also consult the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (or TSA) – you can either review this online article: “What Can I Bring?” or contact TSA directly with questions about any items that are not included in their online lists.

Please, remember: it is the passengers’ responsibility to make sure their transported items are in compliance with carriers’ and airports’ policies in effect.

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