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Checked baggage

Checked baggage (also referenced to as cargo baggage) is held and carried in the airplane’s cargo hold.

This category is normally comprehended of larger (and, usually, heavier) items such as bigger suitcases, sports gear, oversized products, musical instruments, and other items that airlines enable to be carried into the airplane’s cabin.

As the term says, checked baggage has to be given to the employees of the airport during the check-in procedure and will not be of access throughout the flight duration. Consequently, it is of big importance to plan the baggage packing carefully. For example, if there are drugs or papers you will possibly need in the middle of the trip, be sure to take them in your carry-on bag.

Please, take a couple of minutes to read the baggage rules of the airline and learn about the authorized count, size, and weight for all the items you plan on taking on the trip.

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