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Hand luggage

Carry-on luggage is carried to the cabin by passengers and is in most cases held in the overhead bin under the traveler’s seat.

Size, Weight, and Quantity

Whilst the majority of world airlines permit one such bag and a personal item (like a computer bag or handbag), these rules may vary from one air carrier to another, as well as from one flight to another organized by the same air company. Passengers are in charge of checking the air carrier’s restrictions and rules related to baggage allowance.

Banned items: Specific items (e.g. liquids, gels, firearms, sharp objects, and others) are usually not permitted on airplanes no matter the circumstances, or in other ways, they’ll need to meet the special standards for carriage by air. Please examine the applied airline guidelines listed in your itinerary.

If you are not sure of the items you may pack and take with you, review with the airline or reach out to the US Transportation Security Administration directly regarding the questions you have additionally, you can read this article “What can I take with me?

Please note that passengers need to ensure that their baggage conforms with airline regulations and requirements.

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