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What are Separate Tickets by Airwander?

Separate Tickets are separate air travel bookings made by splitting a flight itinerary into several parts or/and virtually interlined flights with different PNRs, and include a Layover with a Self-transfer.

Virtual Interlining is a technology that generates unique cheap fares by connecting all full-services airlines and low-cost carriers regardless of the alliance. Flight Combinations, provided to , are automated by a flight metasearch engine Airwander that specializes in adding multi-day stopovers and solely owned by QuestOrganizer, Inc.

The Self-Transfer Guarantee applies ONLY to the Self-Transfer Guarantee Case provided that a flight in question is a GIS Combination delivered by GIS and includes a Self-transfer. Flight connections with Layovers and transfers covered by the Carriers and created by standard interlining are not covered by the Self-Transfer Guarantee.

Passenger wants a Round-trip from LON to LAX.
Separate booking - may issue 2 E-tickets with 2 PNRs, the number of layovers is not limited. Itinerary can be split into several modes.
E.g. Round-Trip or Multi-City will be divided by flights and transformed to One-Ways or Round-Trips. One-Way flight divided by segments: LON→ LAX into LON→NYC, NYC→LAX; Round-Trip flight divided by cross-segments: LON ↔ LAX into LON ↔ NYC, NYC ↔ LAX. So, there are many ways to combine multiple flights to achieve client's request.

Flight Itinerary is a route of the Customer’s air travel, which includes the times and dates of departures/arrivals, the airport codes, flight numbers etc. The Customer’s Flight Itinerary can be found on the booking confirmation provided by AranGrant.
Layover is a stop between the two flights on the Customer’s Flight Itinerary.
AirWander’s stopovers are the combination of optimal flights arranged according to the origin, destination, take-off date, and intended number of days to spend in the desired stopover location.
Self-transfer is the act of transfer into another aircraft performed by Customer at a Layover between the two flights with different PNRs within the same Flight Itinerary or the same GIS Combination which is not guaranteed by the Carrier and may require the Customer to perform a Baggage Recheck, pass through the security and passport control and have their visa available if one is required by the transit country.
Baggage Recheck is the responsibility of the Customer to collect their bags, bring them through the customs control and hand them over to the Carrier which transports the Customer to their next destination point.

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