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Planning a trip with separate air travel bookings

Separating your route into numerous parts and buying separate air tickets can reduce greatly your travel costs. Still, it is important to take these factors into consideration before you proceed with the booking.

Visa Requirements: International air travel with different bookings usually requests the application for a visa depending on the destination you’re visiting and the country releasing the passport. Keep in the account that entry or transit visas may be needed for the countries you will pass through. Utterly analyze the information on official governmental websites for each of the stops in your itinerary before reserving a trip with different air reservations.

Remember: Passengers are entirely in charge to get the documents needed.

Checked Baggage: When being involved in flights with separate bookings, you need to also be responsible for your baggage, and self-transfer it from one place to another, check it in at the airports.

(Read What is a self-transfer?) As self-transferring the baggage implies leaving the transit area, most probably you’ll need to have a visa to get it.

Schedule Changes: Even a minor change in one part of the booking can be the subject that’ll influence the whole itinerary.

Despite the fact that traveling with separate tickets is totally possible, it also involves risks and preparation. Your Travel Expert will advise you on this and help you with the arrangement in case it is worth trying in your case.

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