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What name format should I use for my booking?

VERY IMPORTANT: Please enter the name of the passenger precisely as written in the passport.

While filling the name of the designated traveler, it is crucial to stipulate the full names exactly as they are in the passport.

(Please, draw close attention to the orthographic form of all the passengers' names to obviate unnecessary delays or issues at the airport!)

In compliance with air traffic standards, the passengers' names must emerge in air bookings thoroughly as spelled in their passports. Regrettably, we need to inform you that you may be denied boarding the aircraft if the name spelling doesn't match. In particular cases, the correction of the name on a ticketed reservation may still be permitted, nonetheless, this will result in additional fees required by the carriers.

Please note:

a. If you had a name change recently which is still not reflected in your passport, please enter the full name exactly as it appears in the passport.

b. If you have a double or triple first, middle, or last name, that's indicated in the passport, make sure you insert them all in the input field of the purchase form by respecting the correct order.



Passport name: Siva Selva Kumar Srikrishnan Nadar

Enter as names as follows:

First: Siva Selva

Middle: Kumar

Last: Srikrishnan Nadar

(Please, list your middle name(s) even though not generally used.)

c. In case you only have one name, it's important to speak to your Travel Expert regarding this before reserving your flight(s).

d.Please, do not use such entries like “BLANK”, “NONE”, “N/A”, etc.

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